Apple patents hybrid keyboard

Apple patents hybrid keyboard

The world of patents is buzzing again with big shot like patenting a

new physical keys and touch-based input. The crossbreed design would provide

users with more tractability for typing and beyond, all without losing the charm

of satisfying click of a real, switch-based keyboard.


1. Like MacBook’s current trackpad, this patent includes provisions for

including capacitive touch sensors on each key, letting a keyboard

(integrated or external accessory) detect inputs like swipes and zooms.

2. The system also allows for simultaneous combined touch and keyboard

input, meaning you can type with one hand while using touch gestures

with the other.

3. Apple’s invention also makes use of two-stage mechanical keys, unlike the

single stage switches found in current keyboard designs, including the

standard keyboard, as well as the new MacBook’s redesigned version.

To put it simpler words you can enjoy the best of both the world of mechanical

typing and touch sensitivity.

Apple has done this previously by introducing lighter butterfly mechanism

keyboard with the new 12-inch Retina MacBook. The patent described now

could be aimed at either the upcoming line of MacBook Pro and iMac models, or

some unannounced update yet to come.

But sadly, like with every other patent, it’ll be quite a long time before we see any

practical use of this latest patent.

We are expecting a revolutionary turn in the world of keyboards thanks to such

updates that give us an intriguing glimpse at the company’s possible future.

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