Do this before April 24th, 2015 to Save Internet in India !!!

Do this before April 24th, 2015 to Save Internet in India !!!

To make sure that anti net neutrality rules aren’t formed in India, we need your help.If TRAI does not get enough public mails in support of Net Neutrality, this is what you can expect:-

You will have different packages for accessing internet.

  1. 1 GB data for Rs 252 + Rs 50 for Google + Rs 25 for facebook and so on.
  2. 1 GB data pack would be like the base pack of your DTH.

But you will have to add packs for carrier decided pricing to be able to use all apps.

Isn’t this SCARY? It’s just the start!

ISPs can slow down some sites on while giving faster speeds to the companies that pay them more.

Governments will no more need draconian laws to curb free speech. It can just ask the operators to make critical sites costly to access and also clamp down their speeds. Telcos that already have vested interests from the governments will happily oblige.

You can make a difference!

Sign our Petition

Go to petition and sign up to save Internet.

Please raise your voice by signing up the petition in large numbers, tweeting about net neutrality and sending mails to TRAI before April 24th.

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