Eagerly Awaiting Blackberry PRIV in India!

Eagerly Awaiting Blackberry PRIV in India!

Being a Blackberry loyalist, I have been long waiting for Priv to launch. And as the Priv launches in US today, I hooked myself to all the leading tech blogs. There is a lot of mixed review on the web, few have loved it, and few have loathed it. So Herein I will put the final reviews by leading tech blog to ease your pain of browsing though many portals to get the review of Blackberry Priv.



The Priv stands tall above BlackBerry’s last three efforts. The Passport had a great keyboard and access to some Android apps via the Amazon app store, but its wide body was cumbersome. The Classic, an updated homage to a formula that had worked so well in the past, had a four-row keyboard that stole valuable screen real estate. The all-touch Leap gave us a 5-inch display, but a low, 720p resolution, quaint design, and that paltry supply of apps kept it behind the modern smartphone pack.

The Priv fixes these flaws, taking the best parts of each device and dropping the whole package onto a popular mobile operating system. I should be thrilled. Why am I not thrilled? It’s that keyboard. The Priv’s keyboard is the star of the show, but it’s too late for physical keyboards.

What’s left for the rest of us? A pretty good Android phone that’s a little thicker than rest, with a keyboard you’ll rarely use and some productivity features that are likely handled by apps you’re already using. The Priv will not fail to turn heads, with a slick design, fast performance, and a dedication to security that’ll make plenty of folks take notice. But when your competitors are offering sophisticated camera controls, like the LG V10, fingerprint scanners like the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P, or a curved display that’s a bit more useful, like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, you’re going to need more than that niche keyboard appeal to pull ahead of the pack.



Like – I like Android!

No Like – Laggy performance for the money. Outmoded design. Terrible carrier service.

Should You Buy it?

I wouldn’t, for myself, my friends, or even my worst enemy. I suppose there is a kind of person who might want a flagship quality phone that has a keyboard, even if the keyboard isn’t totally useful. Some people might feel more comfortable with a dumbed down security app that’s not doing much.

But there’s nobody who wants to pay top dollar when there’s a cheaper option that’s much, much, much better. Get the Nexus 6P instead.




  • Mixes the best of BlackBerry and Android
  • Good-looking device, comfortable to hold
  • Decent camera


  • Keyboard isn’t great
  • High price
  • Ships with Android Lollipop


For physical keyboard devotees, there’s not much choice in the smartphone world right now, but BlackBerry does a decent job with the Priv. The high price will deter fair-weather buyers, but if you can’t stand typing on glass, this is your only option.


Is it a winner?

The BlackBerry Priv is a solid performer with good looks, unique and robust features, and a great camera. The only thing that lets it down is the $700 price tag.

That’s pricey for an Android phone, especially when others like Google’s new Nexus phones, Motorola’s Moto X Pure, and HTC One A9 offer an overall similar experience for under $500. You’d essentially be spending an extra $200 or so for the slide-out keyboard and the promise of BlackBerry’s security.

Still, Apple, Samsung, LG, and HTC have shown that people are willing to spend $650+ for smartphones, so there’s always a chance people will pony up.

And if you find yourself longing for a phone with a physical keyboard that can still run all your favorite apps, the Priv is pretty much your only option.



Well this is a turn up for the books. After almost four years of banging the BlackBerry 10 drum it seems the Canadian firm has finally admitted defeat, launching its first Android smartphone in the BlackBerry Priv.

It’s not entirely a surprise – the Priv was rumored for months under the codename Venice, and a move to the Android platform makes sense.

BlackBerry 10 suffered from a serve lack of top flight applications and an interface which wasn’t quite as intuitive for the general public as the now familiar Android and iOS.

That’s all been addressed, with the BlackBerry Priv sporting Google’s stock Android platform and with it access to the app-packed Play Store.

Coupled with a tasty sounding display, some handy BB apps and BlackBerry’s legendary keyboard the Priv is finally letting the Canadian firm make some positive strides in the market. But is it all a little too late again from the firm which was left behind by the original smartphone revolution?


The BlackBerry Priv is the mullet of the smartphone world. It’s still business in the front, but now there’s a party in the back too. It will divide opinion, but this is the best BlackBerry in years.


  • Great screen
  • Stock Android
  • Added security


  • Patchy performance
  • Pricier than competition
  • Lacks premium build quality



I am definitely buying the Blackberry Priv once it launches in India! Once a blackberry lover, always a blackberry lover!

I am saving up for my new phone, are you?


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