Explore the depths of the ocean without ever leaving your apartment !!!

Explore the depths of the ocean without ever leaving your apartment !!!

Google’s new project, Street View Oceans, collects imagery and data to create visuals on the world’s coral reefs. Divers with sea scooters loaded with cameras drive around the reefs, snapping photos, which are later stitched together into panoramas.

On the occasion of World Ocean’s Day, celebrated on June 8th, in collaboration with Underwater Earth and XLCatlin Seaview Survey, Google has collected images which include underwater footages from Bali, The Bahamas, The Great Barrier Reef and island imagery from American Samoa, Chagos Islands and Solomon Islands. Ocean Views provide new underwater locations and panoramic views.

With this project Google focuses on creating public awareness about the deteriorating health of coral reefs that have been depleting at the rate of 40% in the last 30 years.

With the help of sea scooters, divers set in the ocean taking underwater images to create a record of different fish species, coral reefs, islands and new locations. They take different images and create panorama view so that the user gets a sight of the underwater world without having to travel there altogether.

Experience the magnificent oceans with spinner dolphins, humpback whales and giant turtles. And enjoy the overwhelming adventurous view of the underwater within minutes with technology!

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