Google twerks up to India

Google twerks up to India

Guess who’s tweaking up to suit India. It’s none other Google!

Google showcased their latest India-related mobile-focused product innovations featuring demos of the company’s Search, Maps, Photos, Translate and YouTube apps recently. The reason behind their focus on India-related apps was: “Indians are coming online from mobile devices at an incredibly rapid rate — six to seven million new mobile internet users every month,” as said Sandeep Menon, Google Country Marketing Director.


Here is a list of their India-centric features:

A Personal Assistant

To begin with Google has improved voice recognition. Voice Search updates to the Google app has been optimised for English in the Indian accent and in Hindi. Some of the latest Google Now updates aims to work like a personal assistant.

We take this as an apology for all those times we got confused because of the heavy accent. We must say it was long impending.

Google Translate

Google introduced an instant translation feature in Google Translate. Recently launched in Hindi, instant translate translates printed text or street signs by opening the app and pointing the camera at the text.

We are surely blown by this concept. How we definitely needed it and so bad. Being a multilingual country not everyone is fluent when it comes to English. Google you have our appreciation.

Google Photos

The new Google Photos app which automatically backs up photos and videos across all one’s synced devices. Google Photos also offers unlimited, free storage for life, and automatically organizes your folders.

That’s splendid, now only if Google could also organise my life.

Google Maps

In addition, there are a few offline features as well, like the ability to save Maps for when you don’t have an internet connection available.

Indians use their internet pack sparingly. Also internet is not easily accessibly in remote region where you would want to go out for an adventure. This will come convenient.

YouTube Offline

And finally the option of YouTube Offline, which gives you a way to possibly download videos over a Wi-Fi connection, and later watch them without chewing through your phone data.

If we can rant about how many times YouTube ate up our data pack, we could go on forever. What more can we tell. Little mercies of Mankind.

Google Adsense in Hindi

Google Adsense for Hindi Blogs and Sites is now available. Google added Hindi as supported languages in Google Adsense. India is in big plans of Google and without supporting Hindi this was not achievable. If you can write in Hindi, you can start a Hindi blog and earn money through it. Still Hindi is the only Indian language which is added as supported language to Adsense.


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