Twitter Quitter: Why did the birds fly away?

Twitter Quitter: Why did the birds fly away?

Twitter seems to be having a difficult time hanging onto its executives.  Twitter’s global head of developer and platform relations, Jeff Sandquist is the latest to depart the company. He announced his departure just after 18 months in the San Francisco based social networking company.

Jeff Sandquist @jeffsand ·

Thank you Twitter for an amazing 18 months. The team we’ve built, the product we’ve shipped. An absolute honor to have been here.

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Sandquist’s exit is the latest in a series of executive upheavals at the company. Executive turmoil has been common at Twitter lately. The company had multiple high-level departures last year, including COO, CFO and head of product. Daniel Graf, who was hired as head of product at the micro-blogging service, left the company in December just under six months. The company’s VP of engineering and head of analytics both stepped down last year amid hearsays that engineers at Twitter are concerned about the company’s product vision. Sandquist’s departure is just another sign that Twitter’s management team is still shifting.

Twitter Inc.’s leadership was thrown into disarray last year after one of its top executives, Ali Rowghani, resigned as chief operating officer amid a dispute with Chief Executive Dick Costolo. He was promptly followed through the exit by the vice president of media, Chloe Sladden. To add to this, the mounting pressure over Twitter’s stuttering growth over the past few months appears to be causing insurmountable tension between the bosses.

Other big departures include VP of engineering Mike Abbott who left after a year and VP of Consumer Marketing Pam Kramer who quit after just three months.

Twitter, a social media giant seems to be performing well from the outside with its 2,400 advertisers and 100 million active users, 50 million of whom send 250 million tweets every day. The company is worth $8 billion on secondary markets. Even as the company has added hundreds of new employees this year, top engineers and executives keep quitting.



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