Your survival guide during disasters !!!

Your survival guide during disasters !!!

When a plane crashes or the earth shakes, we tend to view the survivors as the lucky ones. Had they been in the next seat or the apartment across the street, they would have perished. We marvel at the whimsy of the devastation.

The recent earthquake in Nepal or the cyclone in Sydney, and not to mention the volcanic eruption in Chile this season, remind us that disasters are part of the human condition. We are more or less vulnerable to them, depending where we live.

But survival is not just a product of luck…

When rains and floods in Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu made life come to a standstill for many days in a row, there was an urgent need for quick and simple solutions that could help rescue people.

Here are some of those indigenous and creative solutions that have been of great help in the city, and are also being utilised right now. However these survival hacks can turn out to be very useful at the time of any catastrophe.

1) Phone Charger

A lot of places in the city had no electricity, and people were stranded with cell phones without any charge. Few workarounds were posted on how they could charge their phones.


2) Crayon Lights

In situations when there is no electricity, crayons can act as candles and last for 30 minutes to an hour.


3) Use your watch as a compass

If you get lost, you can use your watch as a compass.

pic_00313 (1)

4) Wool to make fire

pic_00113 (2)

5) Bleach to purify water

To make polluted water drinkable again, add a few drops of bleach to your water bottle and let it sit for half an hour.

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6) Condoms can be used to keep things dry

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7) Tampons can be used as bandages

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This may not feel the right time to talk about gadgets, but look at the travesty that has hit Chennai and you might agree with us. Thanks to water logging, electricity supply has been cut off.

8) How to dry a wet phone

What’s even worse, all your phones, cameras, gadgetry are bound to come in contact with water.One of the most common ways to instantly wreck your phone is to get it wet. The first thing that you should do is to immediately power your phone off. Next you should remove any cases, accessories or removable battery covers and dry the phone off as much as possible with paper towels. Get a small dish or plastic bag and fill it with rice and put your phone into it along with the battery if it was removable.  Rice is very absorbent and will pull the remaining moisture and humidity out of the phone.  Seal up the phone and the rice and do not touch it for at least 24hrs.


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