Who We Are

Onerooftech is Mumbai’s leading IT Company offering Customised Software Development Services to SMEs and Corporates since 2013. The Name “Oneroof” was derived with a clear vision and purpose to be a One Stop Solution for its clients.
The company was incepted with a purpose to make softwares that work for Businesses. Growing its expertise over time, ORT has today become a goto place for many Startups, SMEs and Corporates to develop their products and solutions

What we do:

We offer services of entire software, Web Development, Mobile Development, Social Media Marketing, Digital Media Marketing, Content Management Solutions and Creative Design from the beginning till the end. We are a team of talented youngsters, who are working on modern technologies and tools. We are the only company which works on more than one platform to carry out web based projects, e-commerce, mobile applications, web applications using scripting languages like PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Ajax, MVC 4.0, CSS, ASP .NET, HTML, WordPress, Joomla and much more. A clear perception of the growing requirement has enabled One Roof Technologies to develop solutions of specific relevance for the present and the future.

The Mission:

We have a simple mission; and that is to create employment. We want to grow so that we can accommodate more and more people under our wings. We intend to build an empire, but with true morals and values. Our company is established on three factors of growth, youth academy and research & development. We are a self-driven team; we lay great emphasis on research & development. Every week all the members of the team use 2 hours for individual research and development which is than shared among the team later. We also provide internship to freshers so that they can enhance and sharpen their skills. We invest more in people and less on projects.

Youth Academy:

Being fanatical fans of Football we follow the concept of “Youth Academy”. Just like the youth academy of any club of the game, ort_ is a corporation where we involve minds at a young age and teach them skills required to perform at the company’s standards. With enthusiasm and fun we don’t just work but also polish the efficiencies of our juniors and interns. While giving each and everyone a learning experience we are also advancing ourselves with youth and time.

Work Culture

We undoubtedly have the most overwhelming work culture. If you happen to walk into our office randomly, you will not be able to tell a boss from an employee. In the ever evolving IT industry, boring environment has become so obsolete that today we don’t need a boss, we need a team leader. We are all young enthusiasts, who are here to make a difference and that starts with our work culture; loud noise, friendly environment and much more. We are not mere colleagues, we are a TEAM. We also lay strong emphasis on equal treatment towards our female team mates. Women in our workplace are undeniably treated eminently. We eat together, code together, laugh together and GROW together. As a result of our boisterous work culture, we can proudly declare – “Once an ORTian, always an ORTian”


ORT was found with the vision to deliver advanced, trendy cutting edge technology and affordable software solutions to all businesses big or small all at one place.