CrazySapien website development by ORT

CrazySapien website development by ORT

Presenting CrazySapiens, our latest feature website that will treat all the tech geeks to some cool and awesome stuff.

Our clients wanted an extraordinary website to showcase their distinct Products. The portal is a showcase website, aimed at displaying unique geeky products that are not easy to find in India.

Being a showcase website our priority was to give maximum feature to the product, therefore it was essential to bring huge sliders and parallax to show the products on the sellers list. Picture have to be the essential soul to a showcase website, and hence their quality, clarity and crispness matter a lot. But thanks to our able graphics team, it was no huge task for us.

The next task was to give an apt tagline for the company. Being their geeky selves, our content department came up with the tagline – ‘Don’t be a Geek! Be a cool Geek!’ This tagline was intelligently crafted to encourage website visitors to buy these cool geeky products. The description of the items was also meticulously written to be SEO optimized and original. The entire content of the website is geeky and inviting to the audience. It plays a perfect host for the leads.

Our website developers accumulated the Data Content and Graphic Creatives to create a responsive, attractive and SEO friendly showcase website. And guess what? The website was up and running in a matter of one week. That is our commitment towards our work and clients. Our team work and the ‘Just do it’ attitude (Nike lovers unite!) helps us in achieve this feat.

So maybe if you have a big meeting the next week and want to show them your attractive website, it isn’t too late. Ping us at to get immediate demo and quotation.

See it, to believe it!

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