Following the footsteps of Myntra

Following the footsteps of Myntra

It was in May that Myntra hit the headlines with its app-only platform. Less than two months after the online fashion store switched to an app-only strategy to the surprise of many, Flipkart is reportedly planning to go app-only by September this year. Flipkart, which is the parent company of Myntra, is evidently following the fashion store’s footsteps. Myntra shut down its website in May citing higher traffic from its app versus its desktop website.

The e-commerce site neither denied nor confirmed the news. However, the spokesperson said that they are “constantly experimenting” with their service.

“India is gradually transitioning from a mobile first to a mobile only country. At Flipkart, we have been following a mobile first approach and 70-75% of our total traffic is already coming from our mobile app. We are constantly experimenting with various aspects of our service to create the best shopping experience for our users on our app,” the spokesperson said.

The growing need for smartphones is bound to drive online shopping in the future, but what is still unclear is how far distant future . As for Myntra, it appeared like an abrupt shift rather than a gradual one as Indian audiences aren’t absolutely ready to completely abandon shopping from their PCs. Restricting users to the app could have its disadvantages.

However, looks like, the strategy seems to be working and the high penetration of Internet-enabled smartphones has led to enough traction in purchases through mobile devices. This may have guaranteed Flipkart that it’s moving in the right direction by going app-only.

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