OnePlus VR Cardboard Sold-out!

OnePlus VR Cardboard Sold-out!

It’s going to be a mixed emotion for those awaiting their OnePlus VR Cardboard. The free cardboards have already been sold out. OnePlus had launched a programme to get the OnePlus Cardboard, the statement said users could sign up and participate in a content.

The contest

They were giving away a plethora of headsets to fans for free and shipping had to be paid for! To win, one simply had to sign up with a form for OnePlus Cardboard Giveaway, and the winners were chosen at random. The contest closed on July 3! And all the merchandises have been sold out already.

But to some relief the VR cardboard will soon be available at Amazon for a humble Rs. 99!

Buy it on Amazon India

The OnePlus Cardboards will go on sale from the third week of July at a super price of Rs. 99 (shipping terms will be as per standard Amazon India policy). The exact sale date on the platform will be communicated to all our fans on our social media channels soon.

All about OnePlus Cardboard

OnePlus’ clone is based on the latest version of Cardboard (v2.0, which just debuted at Google I/O last month), but they’ve made a few tweaks:

  • The cardboard is thicker, for the sake of durability
  • The folded project ends up around 20% smaller, while still playing friendly with most devices up to 6″ — be it an iPhone, an OnePlus One, or any other Android phone you might have sitting in your pocket.
  • They’ve coated the exterior bits with a dirt/oil resistant film. As anyone who has used an original Cardboard unit before can tell you, they tend to get pretty greasy in about 5 minutes because people are gross.

We are excitedly looking forward to grab our OnePlus VR Cardboard soon!

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