Planning to start a start-up? Here are the people you need to have in your dream team!

Planning to start a start-up? Here are the people you need to have in your dream team!

We all have loved TVF pitchers, and at some point though about starting a start-up. So when you think about a dream team for start-up the first thing that comes to your mind will probably we four college buddies. But should these four people be? Long before you have a team of 100 and a separate department for each role and CEO’s. CFO’s, COO, CTO’s you only need a bunch of people who have skills not positions.

When you’re building a start-up, smart hiring is essential. You need to find the right people and place them in the right roles to create a quality product, build a strong brand and reach the right customers. In other words, you need to create a start-up “dream team.”

These five types of people will help carry your start-up forward to success no matter what:

  1. The Protagonist. He is the one who is always in charge. Would be CEO, he manages employees, finance, product and everything. He should ideally have a foresight and vision. His vision is what will lead the company.
  2. The Supporter. The supporter is a major team player, and isn’t afraid to step into roles he’s unfamiliar with. If someone else on the team is struggling, even outside of her department, he’ll go out of her way to help out.
  3. The Passionate One. The passionate one is stoked to be involved in your business, and loves what he does for a living. You’ll never have to worry about him burning out or losing faith in the business. He will do everything passionately, whatever be his forte. Be it coding, content generation,
  4. The Criticizer. Yes, you head it right. Every business needs a critic as well. Overly critical people can be a negative force, but you’ll need someone who isn’t afraid to voice their opinions. The criticizer isn’t afraid to point out the flaws in a plan, and will works hard to fix those flaws before the plan is fully implemented.
  5. The Finisher. The finisher loves to see projects through. He’s destination-focused and goal-oriented, so if you give him a goal, he’ll do everything he can to meet it.


Finding the right team members for your start-up is one of the most important tasks you’ll face in the course of your business’s development. Do not underestimate this importance. Take your time in hiring, support the right people, remove the unwanted ones, and eventually you’ll have a team capable of pushing your company to success.

“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.”  –Guy Kawasaki, Alltop Co-Founder and Entrepreneur

So if you have the idea, great. But if you have the right dream team, awesome!

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