R Nail lounge website launch

R Nail lounge website launch

Pay Attention Ladies! ORT presents its latest website starring Mr. Nails.

This website is created for R Nail lounge the pioneers of Nail Art in India. The website is created keeping the feminine theme in mind. Given that most of the targeted customers are females, the website incorporates the perfect blend of white and pink with alluring pictures that do ample justice to our Hero, Mr. Nails.

Site Features

The site makes clear distinction to feature the multiple Courses, Nail Art Kits and Services the client offers. It also features and updated Price list and Gallery to bring transparency for the viewers and leads. It is fully responsive and SEO friendly. The fonts have been handpicked to enhance the overall demeanor of the website.

Behind the Scene

As always after taking up the project, the team members at OneRoof Technologies do an intensive research on the blueprint and strategy. It was entertaining to watch our Male counterparts equally intrigued in doing research on Nail art, finding pictures, understanding different courses and the creatives matching them, murmuring about the cool nail art styles and then altogether putting up their hands in the air yelling, “What the hell did I just say?” and bursting into a guffaw.

Our Ladies took the lead, zeroed on the creatives and refined the entire content for the website, they added their own glittery touch to it. They felt the website brings your nails to life and therefore they also went ahead naming the hero of the website as Mr. Nails.

All in all, this website will make you hate your Plain Jane nails and encourage you to go get Mr. Nails dressed up to his pulchritudinous best.

So if you planning to beautify your nails go to R nail, but if you’re planning to beautify your digital image, you’re welcome to ORT.

“Life is too short to have boring Nails or a boring Website”

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