The making of a Website

The making of a Website

Website development is much more than a service and who else could say it better than us and those who have given us the noble opportunity to serve them.

We always put forward the features and aspects offered for the website, but we miss out on highlighting what goes behind making a website. We look upto our clients for much more than the nosiness aspect. We admire the faith they put into us with their digital image creation and handling. It gives us immense satisfaction to live by their expectations.

In the environment of fierce competition and global exposure, more and more enterprises are warming upto digital advancement. We meet a lot of clients who are oblivious to the process of digitization. It becomes imperative to counsel them before taking up a job. We must emphasize on how many of our clients have admitted to being totally novice to technology and other technical aspects.

With this blog we would want to share our experience behind making of the website The owners of Jyotidye chem have started a company that will recycle Gold dust, rubber, plastic, electronic & electrical parts. They wanted a name for their company, tagline, logo, website, PowerPoint presentation to show case on global level and much more. When out team met them for the first time they told us about these requirements and how they were so consumed with this start-up that they will not be able to provide any material from their side. What we applaud is the trust they put into us, right from the name of their company.

At this point our creative team at OneRoof technologies sat down to research about recycling, its process the existing companies, competitors, their strategies, their names, etc. After much groundwork we shortlisted 20 odd name & tagline options for the company out of which ‘GREENERGY’ was selected and the tagline was, ‘a better tomorrow’. Without wasting any time the domain on the name was booked.

Next your graphic team sat down to sketch on various logo design that best portray the company objectives. After a series of changes & suggestion we locked upon a beautiful logo that was soothing to the eye as much as recycling is soothing for the earth’s atmosphere. Also our content writers had started with their research on global recycling, process, statistics, effects, etc. the content for the entire website as well as presentation was made right from the scratch.

Meanwhile, our web designers had started working on the website layout, wireframes, aesthetics, etc. In no time all the teams assembled their makes and weaved in a beautiful website that is informative, alluring, responsive and top-notch going by industry standards.

We must say it was an enlightening experience. Our research made us much more aware about how we pollute the environment in our day to day lives, and that so many species have got extinct due to the this lethal menace. We must accept that we will be much more cautious the next time we deal with plastic and will take care on personal level that is doesn’t add to the environment woes.

We happiness is reflected when we see our clients coming to us with a surprise and congratulating us for a splendid job! We seek gratification when they tell us, this couldn’t have been any smoother. And when they say we will surely disturb you for all our little-big I.T. jobs. For us this is work well done.

We work everyday to just come this day when we are appreciated for our work. This is what motivates us and gives up the thrust to go one step beyond what is expected. This is where the magic happens, this where ORT happens.

We get so busy doing the job that we haven’t till today put it into words. ‘Behind the scenes’ as we would like this blog to be called as, addresses the undertaking and workmanship that go into the making of a website.


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