• Develop cloud-based Python (DJango) software products
  • Expert in DJango and DJango REST framework, with knowledge of othersframework (such as Flask, Bottle, etc. depending on your technology stack)
  • Familiar with some ORM (Object Relational Mapper) libraries
  • Good to have knowledge of libraries like Pandas, NLP etc
  • Designing/developing web applications and APIs
  • Stronghold on Data Structure & Algorithms
  • Good understanding of SQL / MySQL PostgreSQL or any other RDBMS
  • Experience with JavaScript frameworks/libraries like Angular 6, React JS Front end development experience with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3
  • Develop Angular JS applications
  • Working closely with UX and Front-end Developers
  • Participating in architectural, design and product discussions
  • Designing and creating Restful APIs for internal and partner consumption
  • Working in an agile environment with an excellent team of engineers
  • Able to efficiently multitask between multiple business-critical projects
  • Good to have understanding of micro services and cloud architecture
  • Solid interpersonal skills with demonstrated ability to produce results.
  • Fluent English: Strong verbal and written communication skills

Skill Set

  • 1+ years Experience of Python coding skills
  • 1+ years Experience developing Angular JS applications into production
  • 1+ years hands on experience with the DJango framework
  • Strong understanding of the Angular JS framework
  • Solid database skills in a relational database (i.e. PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.)
  • Knowledge of how to build and use with Restful APIs
  • Strong knowledge of version control (i.e. Git, svn, etc.)
  • Experience deploying Python applications into production
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure knowledge is a plus

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