The client was looking for a unique B2C eCommerce portal to make buying and selling of home decor items hassle-free from anywhere and anytime. We helped them build an e-commerce portal that allows customers to choose home furnishings with an independent and unique experience where they can customize the interiors and fabrics according to their tastes and budget.

About Challenge


  • UI/UX design
  • Server setup
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development


  • B2C E- Commerce portal


  • PHP
  • Codeigniter 3
  • HTML
  • Cumbersome manual process of handling the product customization of each customer for every home decor item.
  • Selling products on a large scale was a challenge due to absence of online brand presence which hindered the business expansion.
  • Lack of proper system to handle - Real-time transactions, Eliminate the time to market geographically, B2B collaboration strategy.
  • Lack of process to standardize and streamline operations and deliver their products to large target audience with faster payments.
  • Prioritizing the target segment, developing a relevant brand position and defining a succinct strategy to go digital was a challenge.

Provided Solution

B2C Solution Feature

The platforms allows customers to browse from a widerange catalogue of around xxxx+ materials in xx-xx categories from multiple brands. Customers can use advanced filtering to search products by keywords, material or brands. They can easily compare rates by different brands or request a quote for bulk product order. The site also has an payment feature for easy payments along with faster and secure checkout process.


Hero Feature

3D Models for visualization of the product customization done by the customer. The model is rendered for the different types of color, design, fabric, texture available for that product in real-time. The site is enabled with a feature rich admin panel that helps the brand to track the product from dispatch to delivery and manage the inventory seamlessly.



The client is now witnessing more online sales than offline sales in less than few months since its launch. With this unique e-commerce platform customers can buy home-decor items for their own home themselves at afforable rates from the comfort of their home.

What they

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